Ritz Wallcovering

Is one of the largest wallpaper suppliers in Malaysia. Today, Ritz Wallcovering is sold and distributed to Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia.

Ritz offers a superior selection of wallpapers from the most sumptuous classic interior to the minimalism of avant-garde interior. We have a number of exclusive collections directly from international manufacturers that complete line of hundreds of styles, touchable textures, and patterns to choose from to transform your interior dramatically and we also have full flexibility to custom design your mural to fit your specifications.

We committed to delivering sophisticated wallpaper designs but has made it a corporate standard to ensure all products meet environment standards with alcohol-free water ink which is good for our customer’s health and clean environment.


Vinyl Wallcovering

Vinyl is a wall finishing material with functional properties. In combination with a cotton backing, it is extremely strong, durable, and scratchproof, can be applied seamlessly and is easy to care for. Our vinyl wallcovering is easily last ten to fifteen years.

Ritz’s vinyl wallcovering offers a solution when durability or hygiene is an important requirement. It is suitable for use in rooms that must meet strict hygiene requirements.

Benefits of Wallpaper

Life span and cost-effective

Modern wallpapers will last between 10 - 15 years, whereas interior paint will need to be redone as often as every couple  of years, depending on your household. Wallpaper can last five times longer than paint under normal conditions, making it a very economical choice. Over time, you can save 30% of your repainting costs, simply by choosing wallpaper.


Wallpaper can be the perfect touch with accentuates a room's theme or fixtures. It adds warmth, character and beauty, and can be used to create an astonishing variety of effects. It changes the entire look and feel of a room. It can be fun to mix and match various designs, patterns and colours to achieve just the right flavor for the room. These are effects that simply cannot be replicated with paint.


Wallpaper is also no longer difficult to remove with new removal systems meaning that it is possible to remove the paper from the wall in long strips. Taking the time to apply the wallpaper properly and using a good primer will also make removal easier in the long run.

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